The new one from Lange Aviation: Antares 21E for the premier league

antares 21e fuer die top liga lange aviation news

Can an all-round good airplane like the Antares 20E be bested? Lange Aviation is going all out and is now launching the Antares 21E. When the perfect design obeys the laws of aerodynamics and can only be improved in nuances, inner values count. The engineers at Lange Aviation have consistently analyzed flights of the successful […]

Antares.RED.3: Eric Langner gives Antares his voice

Eric Langner Goldstandard Segelflugzeuge

Traumschiff, Unter uns, Rote Rosen, Insel des Lichts, Notruf Hafenkante, Rosenheim Cops… We know him from TV and from commercials for Deutsche Bahn and BMW, among others: Germany’s series star, character actor and narrative voice Eric Langner gives Lange Aviation his thoughts on Antares.RED.3 in a short video spot. Lange Aviation’s new battery system uses […]

Antares E2: Presentation in Friedrichshafen

e2 praesentation aero friedrichshafen lange aviation 3

At this year’s AERO in Friedrichshafen, our sister company Lange Research Aircraft GmbH presented a mock-up of the Antares E2 to the general public for the first time. This is an aircraft with an extreme flight endurance and maximum reliability, designed primarily for surveillance tasks in the maritime domain, such as fisheries control. To achieve […]

AERO 2018: Film about Antares 20E

film ueber antares 20e

On behalf of Aero 2018, the Antares 20E was presented in a film clip that was broadcast by various TV stations and distributed via Internet TV channels.

Update: Software 7.0 EASA approved

Antares Software 7 0 LAnge Aviation

After two years of intensive development we are pleased to present the software 7.0. The 7.0 software offers unique functionalities that provide multiple benefits for the holder. The main features are: Increasing flight safety The inspection interval for the Comprehensive Inspection (formerly Annual Re-inspection) is increased to 3 years / 750 flight hours. In many […]

Congratulations: Sybille Andresen flies several continental records

sybille andresen fliegt kontinentalrekorde auf antares lange aviation

Sybille Andresen set three continental records in two flights with an Antares 23E from Kiripotib airfield in Namibia. On December 10, 2017, she flew the continental record for fastest woman over a triangle of both 500 and 300 km with an average speed of 155.7 km/h. She then followed up with 180 km/h over a […]

Congratulations: Ludwig Starkl flies Austrian and Namibian record

ludwig starkl namibia bitterwasser redkorde oesterreich namibia

On November 5, 2017, our Austrian customer Ludwig Starkl flew a registered FAI triangle over 1000 km ( with an Antares 23E from Kiripotib airfield in Namibia. He succeeded with a fantastic cutting speed of 165 km/h, which is both an Austrian and a Namibian record. The records were submitted to the FAI for verification. […]

Klaus Ohlmann: Chasing records with his Antares

klaus ohlmann flyserres 01

Klaus Ohlmann is now the proud owner of an Antares 20E. Many of his record-breaking flights, such as the 3,000-kilometer leg around three turnpoints, the 2,000-kilometer flight in a straight line, and the fastest speed record of 306.8 km/h over the 500-kilometer target return leg, were flown by the long-range specialist with the Stemme S10 […]

AERO Friedrichshafen: AEROKURIER panel discussion

AERO Friedrichshafen Axel Lange Lange Aviation 3

The podium at one of the best-attended events at this year’s AERO was filled with top-class guests: Dr. Reiner Stemme, Reiner Stemme Utility Air Systems, initiator of the elfin project Dr. Frank Anton, Head of Siemens e-Aircraft Axel Lange, Lange Aviation André Borschberg, pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse Editorial director Lars Reinhold and AEROKURIER […]