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Here you can download product information as PDF and access the Lange Aviation image brochure.

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Product sheet Antares 23E

"The optimum between the extremes": With its 23-meter ( 75.5 ft ) wingspan, the electrically powered Antares 23E sets new standards in the open class.

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Product sheet Antares 21E

" Tease out the maximum and the clouds from below": The High Performance Aircraft from the creator of the first EASA-certified, electrically powered production aircraft.

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Product sheet Antares 20E

Our masterpiece, which combines the physically optimal wing with scientific insights into ergonomics and innovative technologies.
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Product sheet Antares 18T

The classic from Lange Aviation from times when battery power was not as "en vogue" as it is today. Combines top features with an internal combustion engine.
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Image brochure Lange Aviation

You can request a printed copy of our image brochure from us. Click on the button and enter your data in the form.