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Here you can discover a compilation of Antares aircraft in videos hosted on external platforms.

Klaus Ohlmann: Tour through the Southern Alps with the Antares 20E

Klaus Ohlmann: Electric gliding will change the world

Deutsche Welle | MADE IN GERMANY | Lange Aviation

Deutsche Welle reports about Lange Aviation in its program ‘Made in Germany’. In addition to interesting insights into production, other areas of activity in the company are also reported on. The program is broadcast worldwide in 4 languages.

Video in English

Video en Español

Video in Arabic

Auto-towing with the Antares 18T

The autonomy of the Antares 18T and the Antares 23T can be substantially increased by introducing auto-towing as a permitted launch method. The first comprehensive round of flight testing has has now taken place. Read more

Autotow-testing Antares 23E

Now the testing of autotow at Reinsdorf near Berlin has been continued using an Antares 23.

Riding the wave of the century…

… was the title of the resulting newspaper article. On 5.2.2011, previously unattained heights were reached in the lee wave of the Palatinate Forest. On this day our colleague Jochen Polsz was able to fly his Antares 20E to a maximum altitude of over 7,000 m ( 22 966 ft ). The video shows impressions of this eventful day.

Ultimate loadtest for the wing of the Antares 20E

The ultimate load test was performed for the certification of the Antares 20E.
The test was carried out at a component temperature of 54°C at the Institute of Structures and Structural Technology at the German Aerospace Center ( DLR ) in Stuttgart.

Antares 18T takes off

On Friday, November 30, 2012, the weather was kind and we were able to perform the maiden flight with the newly designed self sustainer engine of the Antares 18T. Due to the good motorization, the takeoff could be performed as a self-launch. Lifting off after about 200 m, Axel Lange then climbed to the cloud base at 1800 m above sea level without any problems. The mean rate of climb from place height (340m NN) to 1800m NN was exactly 2.0 m/s.

Low flypast with the Antares 18T

First test run for self sustainer engine

The new self sustainer engine for the Antares 18T and Antares 23T was put into operation for the first time on August 16, 2012. As hoped, the engine showed exceptionally low vibration levels even under full load.

Fly Engadine

Hugo Sax, pilot of the Antares 20E serial no. 1 has uploaded a short film styled like an action movie.

Electric self-launch from Montricher airfield

Karl Osen, pilot of the Antares 20E serial no. 56E47 has published some gliding videos with nice impressions of his flights to Switzerland.

Aerial display with Antares 20E

Antares 20E presentation video 1/3

Antares 20E presentation video 2/3

Antares 20E presentation video 3/3

Antares 20E at ILA Berlin 2006

Spin test flight with Antares 18S

With the Antares in Patagonian wave

Test flight Antares 20E serial no. 8

Test flight Antares 20e serial no. 20 20