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Fly measurement tasks with your own sensors in an economical, safe and environmentally friendly manner or fly highly specialized documentation or surveillance flights with long mission durations on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Test and further develop sensor technology in an economical, safe and environmentally friendly manner and offer highly specialized documentation and monitoring services with a long mission duration on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Combine your digital services and high-performance sensors with our environmentally friendly Flying Lab platform: With extremely long range and low personnel and maintenance costs, you can flexibly bring applications such as environmental monitoring, border surveillance or exploration of mineral resources to series production and commercialization.

Gain new scientific insights with a robust research platform.

Technical data:

Wingspan23 m75.5 ft
Length7.6 m24.9 ft
Max. Takeoff Weight1,650 kg3638 lb
Engine Power90 kW (Continuous)
Max. Horizontal Speed250 kph135 kts
Stall Speed115 kph62 kts
Mission DurationUp to 20 Hours
Service Ceiling6100 m20,000 ft
Adverse-Weather CapabilityLightning Protection
Max. Payload200 kg440 lb
Additional Power for Sensors and Communication4 kW Power, 28 VDC