RED.3 Battery system

Lange B2B Battery RED 3


The new Antares.RED.3 battery system is the third generation of batteries from Lange Aviation. Originally designed for the electric propulsion of the Antares Electric Aircraft, it provides up to 60% more energy than its predecessor.

The new drive battery is based on the 21700 cell format.

Thanks to the e-mobility boom, technical progress in the development of battery technology has accelerated across all sectors. The engineers at Lange Aviation use this to their advantage and transfer innovations from the automotive industry promptly and sustainably to aircraft engineering. This is how they are shaping “Zero Emission High Performance Aircraft Technology”.

The improvement in powered flight performances is the result of the increasing specific energy density of battery cells on the one hand, and the unimpeded delivery of power by the electric motor on the other. The 21700 battery cell format is regarded as future-oriented and is being intensively developed by the industry. This ensures that future iterations of the Antares.RED battery system will have even higher power reserves.

For communication, the battery systems use both “daisy chain” technology and CAN bus. This pairing makes communication very powerful and meets the highest security standards. The bus systems are also used to control the cell power balancing. High-precision measurement of the single cell temperature is available as an option. As a result, the entire drive system including the third generation battery fully complies with all requirements for personal safety.

For this reason, the certification is carried out in accordance with the commercial aviation standards ED-79, DO-178C and DO-254. The applicable Design Assurance Level is C (DAL C). The procedures required by DAL C guarantee high-quality and very secure hardware and software.

Technical data:

Battery SystemLithium-Ion
Cell Format21700
Design Assurance Level - Battery ManagementDAL C
Max Voltage400 V / (800 V)
Cells in parallel1418
Capacity62 Ah80 Ah
Max. Continuous Current280 A360 A
Voltage2.5 … 4.2 V
Energy225 Wh290 Wh