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The Antares series

Some call it a motor glider, others a sailplane We refer to our electric aircraft as Antares® Electric Performance Aircraft. Antares® is a new category among sustainable aircraft. Antares® are designed for pilots who want to enjoy the luxury of a personal flying experience, pure enjoyment of the art of flight, maximum performance with particularly agile handling and emission-free, quiet propulsion with an extreme range.

As the first EASA-certified electric aircraft, Antares® Electric Performance Aircraft can to day be found in active service all over the world. Designed and produced in Germany, developed with the passion of a highly committed team and renowned institutes and academics. A total package of fine engineering, extreme performance and ultimate digital connectivity for an advanced, unfiltered flight experience.

Antares® by Lange Aviation stands for zero emissions in aviation, for autonomy, manufacturing quality, reliability and safety at the level of commercial aviation. For powertrain electronics and software at the level of the world’s leading electric vehicles.

Do you want to experience for yourself how the thrust of our two-meter ( 6.6 ft ) propeller facilitates self-launch at any location and a climb altitude of 5,600 m (18370 ft)? Find out more about perfectly harmonized and aerodynamically brilliant aircraft with high value retention..

Antares® – EASA-certified high-performance motorglider with fully integrated electric propulsion system

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