Power Electronics

Lange B2B power electronics LE50


Electric aircraft and EVTOLs all require drive motors with different power outputs.

To meet this requirement, our Antares LE power electronics have a modular architecture in which the communication and control functionalities, sensor evaluation and optional monitoring are identical. Only the power level needs to be adapted to the preferred motor.

The motor control software can also be adapted to the respective motor and approved with a manageable amount of effort.

The picture and the technical data show the design of a 50 kW / 200 ampere class power electronics unit.

Versions up to 250 kW / 650 amps are feasible. Contact us.

Technical data Antares LE 50:

  • DC supply voltage up to 400 VDC / (800 VDC)
  • Phase rated current up to 200 ARMS
  • 2 x CAN interface, cross talk
  • 2 x power supply 9 … 32 V
  • Position detection using Hall sensors
  • Torque control / speed control
  • Design Assurance Level DAL C
  • Mass 4.9 kg, IP67 housing, air-cooled