Electronic Drive Control System

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Lange B2B Electronic Drive Control System


The 4th generation Electronic Drive Control System EDCS 4 is the central control unit of the Antares drive system. The system processes all information from the electric drive, the battery system and optionally also a hydraulic system and uses its full-color display and audio output to provide the human-machine interface for the pilot.

The wide range of functions can be divided into two areas: firstly, the functions for flight operations and secondly, the battery care and service functions.

The EDCS 4 comprises a powerful computing unit that can master even complex tasks in real time. The device communicates with the propulsion system via CAN bus, optionally also available redundantly. The device can also interface with cellular networks to remotely execute instructions from the pilot and to support remote maintenance.

Furthermore, the device also features extensive non-volatile memory, which allows, for example, the logging of battery data over the entire life of the batteries. A logging system also records important events and provides extensive data for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Certification was performed in accordance with aviation standards ED-79, DO-178C and DO-254. The applicable Design Assurance Level is D (DAL D)