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Unequaled glide and climb performance – paired with extreme maneuverability. Quiet, all-electric zero-emission propulsion and perfected ergonomics in a spacious cockpit: treat yourself to exceptional performance with extremely low maintenance costs with this open-class aircraft.ft.

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The optimum between the extremes.

Thanks to its 23-meter ( 75.5 ft ) wingspan and optimal aspect ratio, the Antares 23E pushes the boundaries for pilots and flies with the agility of an 18-meter aircraft. The high level of precision in development and production offers reliability and safety at the level of commercial aviation.

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Fly in the world of open class while enjoying the advantages of the 18-meter class on the ground: Be self-sufficient on the ground, both when rigging, de-rigging and when self-launching - while remaining extremely agile despite the very large wingspan, - these are the characteristical strengths that our Antares 23 pilots describe when they discuss this aircraft. Getting into the spacious and intelligently designed cockpit feels like putting on a tailor-made suit. On fast days, the Antares 23 is aerodynamically, unbeatable. Outstanding glide performance and unmatched climb rates underscore the intrinsic values of this aircraft. In our view, there are no better aerodynamics.

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Increased comfort.

Comfort is subjective: some enjoy the all-around view through the unique, low-cut canopy on the ground and in the air. While others praise the position of the controls, the consistently perpendicular view of the displays and the adjustability of the seating position for people of almost all sizes.. All praise the simplicity and reliability of the single-lever motor operation, the powerful thrust of the impressive 2-meter (6.6 ft) propeller and quiet vibration-free powered flight. Overall, the Antares 23 is described as an aircraft for lovers of the exceptional with a penchant for finesse.

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Increased digitalisation.

A top-of-the-range electrically powered aircraft with commercial aviation certifications naturally also has plenty of computing power in the cockpit, wings and fuselage. In this regard, the CAN bus system of the Antares 23 is comparable to the most modern cars and meets DAL-C standards for multiple redundant control as well as the determination of flight and status data ( such as the temperature of each individual battery cell). Maintenance, updates and logs are also transmitted wirelessly via a built-in cellular communication module. The safety of both pilot and aircraft always takes priority - this is why there are fault loggers and data recorders.


More versatile.

The value of the Antares 23 lies in the sustainability of its concept and design. For example, in the second generation of our battery system, the battery cells which are located within the wings are only upgraded after 20 years - allowing us to achieve even greater climb height and range.. Until then, simply plug the integrated charger into any socket to recharge the battery. Our materials and manufacturing processes have permitted the practical implementation of the aerodynamically optimal wing for the Antares 23. Increasing resale values signal to us that we are on the right track.

Technical data

Wingspan23 m75.5 ft
Wing Area14.75 m²159 ft²
Aspect Ratio38.5
Fuselage Length7.45 m24.4 ft
Fuselage Height1.88 m6.2 ft
Empty Weight530 kg1168 lb
Max Takeoff Weight850 kg1874 lb
Water Ballast247 l65.3 US gal.
Min Wing Loading*40.7 kg/m²8.34 lb/ft²
Max Wing Loading58 kg/m²11.9 lb/ft²
Best Glide Ratio60
Min Sink Rate at Weight*0.47 m/s93 ft/min
Stall Speed at Weight*71 kph38 kts
MotorDC/DC Brushless
Power42 kW57 HP
Propeller2 m6.56 ft
Max Climb Rate*4 m/s787 ft/min
Max Climb Altitude*3000 m9840 ft
*Pilot+Parachute = 70 kg (154 lb)
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What pilots have to say about the Antares 23E

A selection of our flight- and experience-reports

Ludwig Starkl1

"...this would not have been possible with any other aircraft. The performance of the Antares 23E in high-speed flight is impressive. On fast days, this aircraft is unbeatable. Despite the large wingspan, the Antares is surprisingly agile and maneuverable, more like an 18-meter aircraft."

Ludwig Starkl
Owner and managing director of Rent-a-Glider GmbH and inventor of "Flying with the Champions"
peter harvey

"The Antares is a dream! At 200 kph (108 kps), I am convinced that the Antares has a performance advantage over all others.

Peter Harvey
3x European champion, 11x UK national champion

Lange Aviation has recorded the most flight hours and operational hours in electric flight of all aircraft manufacturers and airlines on its fleet (as of June 2022):

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