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Greatest possible performance in all dimensions. Setting an example for innovative electric flight. Lange Aviation is an expert in sustainable aircraft technology.

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Seeing the world from new perspectives: Our team started developing series-production electric aircraft before the turn of the millennium. We hold the first EASA approvals for manned electric flight. We have been delivering Antares Electric Performance Aircraft to enthusiastic customers since 2004.

This was not sufficient: The first manned hydrogen powered aircraft capable of taking off on its own and perform a complete flight using only energy from fuel cells, also came from our factory at the airfield of Zweibrücken in Germany. With the Antares H2, we have written a paragraph of aviation history.

No other electric platform can claim as many flying hours. Learn more about Lange Aviation.

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What we can do for you

We develop customized propulsion solutions for low-emission aircraft, eVTOLs, motor gliders and airships, design high-performance electric aircraft and explore new areas of application for aviation.

Electric flight innovation

When maximum performance and endurance matter: we supply certified electric propulsion and battery systems, motor controllers and chargers, as well as the appropriate over-the-air update capability for innovations in electric flight.

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Antares series of sailplanes

The Antares flight experience: Take off autonomously anywhere, climb 5,600 meters and fly with extreme agility. Aerodynamics perfected down to the last detail meets maximum safety and the groundbreaking Antares®.RED.3 battery system.

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Flying Lab Development

Perform measurement tasks with the Antares® E2 6-motor research platform. Integrate your own sensors based on standardized interfaces and fly manned or unmanned with hydrogen/electric propulsion in long-endurance missions of up to 20 hours.

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Our mission for sustainable flight

Future-oriented & value-driven

Engineering performance and manufacturing quality with awareness of digitalization and environmental protection

Certified & Safe

Highest quality standards, multiple redundancy and certification in accordance with rules and regulations for commercial aviation

Made in Germany

Designed, developed and produced in the German tradition for technical excellence

High satisfaction

Individual and personal support, first-class project management and excellent working conditions

Customer testimonials

We ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with our products and service. No exceptions.

klaus ohlmann

"Electric flight will change the world. What inspires me about my Antares is not only the excellent performance data, but also the reliability, the high degree of maturity and also the power of the electric propulsion system from Lange Aviation."

Klaus Ohlmann
7-time world champion and holder of over 60 world records in gliding and over 20 in electric flight
john williams

"... there can be no doubt about the potential of the Antares."

John Williams
First 1'000 km declared flight in Scotland, 28 UK and National speed and distance records, IGC 2000km diploma, First out and return crossing from Scotland to Ireland, OLC flight of the year and European overall winner 2007

The #1 for electric flying 2022

Since the turn of the millennium, we have accumulated more electric flight hours than all other companies and all other aircraft in the world combined.

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Sustainable electric flight - the webinar

Experience award-winning technology from Lange Aviation, the pioneer of battery-electric and fuel cell-electric flight, in our monthly webinar.