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Live freely, fly sustainably and achieve new personal highs instead of worrying about running costs. Take off independently with up to 5,600 meters of climb altitude per battery charge, vibration-free and quiet. Enjoy intuitive flying with an outstanding glide ratio in the only ergonomic cockpit of this category. For professionals with an eye for detail who invest in innovation and quality of life.

Teases out the maximum. And the clouds from below.

Groundbreaking work on a global scale with no range limitations. Outstanding climb performance which no other aircraft can match. Highly optimized aerodynamics, excellent control harmonics, stable flight characteristics andsophisticated detailed solutions such as anintegrated digital data module for over-the-air updates and maintenance. – simply outstanding..

Lange Antares 21E Stark


The strength of this aircraft is the sum of aerodynamic advantages, an unrivaled seating arrangement and all-round visibility, and a host of good ideas that have been competently integrated - handcrafted using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes. Lange Aviation - 100% Made in Germany, a "Hidden Champion" according to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the No. 1 in electric flight according to the EASA register and various awards. Image by Jens Trabolt/Nordic Gliding Magazine

Lange Antares Autark


This aircraft allows you to take off after just a few meters (feet) on any asphalt or grass runway without additional assistance ( although towing and winch launches remain technically possible thanks to the standard tow hook). The Antares 21E is designed so that one person can rig and de-rig the aircraft as well as perform all ground handling.

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The standard equipment of the Antares 21E alone already sets industry standards. The catalog of possible customizations and additional equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Anyone who opts for an Antares 21E is making a sustainable investment and opting for pleasure, elegance and quality of life in the air, rather than for maintenance costs and downtime.. The first maintenance on this aircraft is only due after six years.

antares 21e fuer wettbewerb und strecke

For competition & cross-country

Even if it is certainly possible to win medals and world championships with our aircraft: As an exception in this class, the Antares 21E is not only aimed at "traditional" competition pilots. We have developed an innovative aircraft of enjoyment for people who want to afford quality. This is also reflected in the operating concept, the very high available propulsive power and the exceptional quality and workmanship of the parts and components.

Standard equipment

The most comprehensive range of standard equipment. A new standard.

Optional equipment

The way a perfect shoe becomes a favorite when it fits without compromise. The extras.

Pioneering Achievements

Lange Aviation created the world's first EASA-certified electric aircraft. Full story.

Striking successes & prizes

Awards, successes and testimonials from Antares pilots. The references.

Technical data

Wingspan21.5 m70.5 ft
Wing Area12.9 m²139 ft²
Aspect Ratio35.8
Fuselage Length7.40 m24.3 ft
Fuselage Height1.64 m5.5 ft
Empty Weight490 kg1080 lb
Max Takeoff Weight710 kg1565 lb
Water Ballast126 l33.3 US gal.
Min Wing Loading*43.4 kg/m²8.9 lb/ft²
Max Wing Loading55.0 kg/m²11.3 lb/ft^2
Best Glide Ratio58
Min Sink Rate (at 560 kg)*0.45 m/s89 ft/min
Stall Speed (at 560 kg)*73 kph39 kts
MotorDC/DC Brushless
Power42 kW57 HP
Max RPM1700 RPM
Max Climb Rate*4.4 m/s (866 ft/min)4.4 m/s (866 ft/min)
Max Climb Altitude*4200 m (13780 ft)5600 m (18370 ft)
*Pilot + Parachute = 70 kg (154 lb)
technische daten antares 21e lange aviation
antares21E von oben lange aviation

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What pilots have to say about the Antares 21E

A selection of our flight and experience reports

john williams

"I've had several of more than 12 hours and one flight in Argentina was 15h 57min flying, so more than 16h in the cockpit. Without the physical comfort of that cockpit my mental endurance could never have allowed me to complete the 2000km declared flight in challenging conditions."

John Williams
First 1000km declared flight in Scotland, 28 UK and National speed and distance records, IGC 2000km diploma, First out and return crossing from Scotland to Ireland, OLC flight of the year and European overall winner 2007
malte bernhard 1

"One thing stands out immediately. The climb is really impressive and the aircraft has retained its agility. It flies I like a 15 meter airplane with excellent control harmonics and glide performance that makes you feel, yes I can kick it up a notch here and go really fast."

Malte Bernhardt
justin wills

"The view from the big canopy was unique and I felt comfortable right away [...] and that's really unusual for me."

Justin Wills
Multiple runner-up in World Gliding Championships

The propulsion system is extremely powerful and operation is no problem even for pilots with ten thumbs and only left hands. The fact that the drivetrain runs extremely quietly - which is clearly stated by outsiders in particular, as they can no longer hear anything after just a few meters - and with little vibration - is a highly welcome quantum leap. Not to mention the reliability!

Gregor Kunsemüller

Lange Aviation has recorded the most flight hours and operational hours in electric flight of all aircraft manufacturers and airlines on its fleet (as of June 2022):

Flight hours
0 k

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