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The world’s first EASA-certified electric-powered production aircraft. CO2-free, quiet and low-vibration flight. Achieve up to 5,600 meters climb altitude and 380 km range with Antares High Performance Electric Aircraft.

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Battery systems

Antares®.RED.3 is the third generation of an exceptional battery system. Integrated into the wings of the Antares, the long-lasting and highly modular battery is easily replaceable and it comes with multiple redundant protection systems. Powerful and effective fast-charging technology is available for commercial use.

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Electronics for propulsion systems

Modular power electronics for aerospace applications, controls high efficiency electric motors up to very high power levels. Among other things, our systems have for more than 20 years been used successfully to – regardless of altitude- achieve 42 kW per motor with one or more of our EM42 electric motors – powered by batteries or fuel cells. The EM42 is the first electric motor to be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. With its very high, extremely efficient overall efficiency of > 93 % and maximum torque of 228 Nm, the engine is unique not only in aviation.

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Computer Systems

We supply hardware and software, human interface solutions such as displays, audio systems and mobile apps for control and regulation in electrically powered aircraft with battery and fuel cell energy supplies.

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System customization

Our engineers provide consulting services and facilitate workshops to help integrate our components into customer projects.

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Individualized development

Are you looking for bespoke technical solutions for your aircraft project which you have not yet found here?

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