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Have you always wanted to see how a high-performance aircraft and high-tech components for sustainable flight are created? Voilà!

Manufacture 4.0

Innovative ideas are one thing – their commercial implementation is another. This requires modern facilities and technologies. But more than anything, it requires committed individuals. And the proper work processes.

By now, the basic manufacturing technology of modern aircraft is more than 50 years old. New tool technologies, ever lighter, stronger materials, electronics and software will continue to accompany our production into the future.

However, the production of sailplanes remains very much a skilled craft. In doing so, the challenge of achieving consistent quality is one that the production staff at Lange Aviation face anew every day – from the first layer of fabric in the negative mold to the perfect finish of the surfaces.

And then there are the interior components which are just as important as the large assemblies of fuselage, wings and tail unit. The vertical depth of manufacturing at Lange Aviation is comparatively high, since most parts of the Antares aircraft are manufactured in-house to the highest quality and precision. The majority of welded components are made gas-tight and then cadmium-plated in the same way as can be found in commercial aircraft construction – guaranteeing long-lasting corrosion protection. The extremely light and sensitive controls of the aircraft are primarily due to the use of specially manufactured bearings, which perform their demanding work without any need for maintenance.

At Lange Aviation, modern production facilities are located in a bright and friendly workshop with an area of 1,800 square meters.

However, the most important basis for achieving the highest level of perfection is an experienced team that is enthusiastically dedicated to a challenging task every day – your Antares.