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It is better to have started yesterday than to continue to talk about it today.

The vision of Lange Aviation can be formulated in one sentence: We are providing a functioning eco-system for electric flight with batteries and fuel cells in all segments of private and commercial aviation.

Lange Aviation is the nucleus for a new movement: The electrification of propulsion systems is the next major technological evolutionary step in aviation. We are passionate about advancing the conversion of aviation to sustainable and environmentally friendly propulsive systems. We have been committed to this goal since the company was founded. With the first fully electric flight in 1999 and series maturity in 2004, we are setting the direction for electric flight.

We can prove that there is a better way

Using our technical systems, components and Electric Performance Aircraft, pilots, aircraft manufacturers and infrastructure operators are acting more sustainably and significantly reducing noise pollution and the carbon footprint of air traffic. As a recognized pioneer, we have for over 20 years been reliably powering aircraft over long distances with electricity from batteries and hydrogen power generation instead of using fossil fuels. Our digitization technologies reduce the burden on aircraft operators and pilots. The complexity of aircraft systems at a high EASA / ED-79 certification level is simplified and maintenance costs are reduced. All this saves money, avoids accidents and protects the environment. Our Antares aircraft series opens up new horizons for ambitious pilots, offering maximum enjoyment, sporting challenges and high value stability.

We no longer burn fossil fuels – or investor money

Lange Aviation is an example of organic growth and sensible, prudent investment from its own resources. We have proven that it is possible for a talented team located in Germany to develop cutting-edge technology with knowledge, will, authenticity and no frills, to bring it to market maturity and to be able to demonstrate the highest number of electric flying hours to date.

As the world’s first 360° provider for the design and construction of electric production aircraft, we have succeeded in putting a new face on the world of electric flight. We laid the foundation for this in 1996, and the first EASA-certified electric aircraft was already in the air at the turn of the millennium.

We listened yesterday, think about tomorrow and act today

Our vision is to preserve, improve and make the world a better place for our children, their children and great grandchildren. For this reason, our actions stem from the principle of sustainability in line with the wishes and goals of our society and our customers. In order to seize opportunities to change things for the better, it has always been important to us at Lange Aviation to always keep an open ear. Only those who are good at listening and explaining will learn and create the basis for innovations that find acceptance and promote change!

Our staff live electric flight

This also applies in the dialog with our colleagues. If you want to achieve a lot and shape the world in the process, you can only do so with a particularly dedicated team. The corporate culture at Lange Aviation is driven by enthusiasm for our products, working with high-tech materials and the quality in our manufacturing and development processes. We are a team with short paths between development and production and promote exchange through a flat hierarchy and collegial interaction in order to learn from each other and become better together. We live an open error culture in order to maintain and further develop the quality in our products. We are unequivocally in favor of equal rights for employees of all genders and welcome colleagues from all cultural backgrounds to enrich our team spirit and help realize our vision.

Everyone should be able to build airplanes with a clear conscience!

We are happy to share our knowledge and want to make our contribution to clean, respectful and resource-conserving air mobility. Above all, this means that we supply inventors, aircraft designers and infrastructure operators with the expertise and quality components that allows our successful technologies for electric flight, electricity storage and airborne hydrogen power generation to become scalable.