Welcome to Lange Aviation!

21 Years of Antares – Where do we stand today? We started out in 1996 with knowledge, a good deal of enthusiasm and with a big idea. Seven years later, in 2003, our Antares 20E was ready to enter the market as the worldwide first series production electric aircraft. In 2006 we obtained full EASA certification, something that to this day remains a novelty for an electric aircraft. Today we are seeing a broad agreement in the aviation industry that electric aircraft will be our future; former doubters have yet changed their minds and are meanwhile busy working on their own concepts and solutions. We appreciate this evolution! Our Antares has however long demonstrated its suitability for daily use – many of our perfectly satisfied customers have already shared their experience. Our labor invested in innovation, development and system integration was rewarded in 2010 with the well-respected Lindbergh Trophy. A big honor for our development- and production-team! Additionally, in 2011, we won the Berblinger Prize and in 2017, we were honored to receive the OSTIV price. Our company continuously follows the guiding principle of innovation and perfection. Today, our Antares 20E fleet has logged almost 100,000 hours in the air. We could thus verify our innovative ideas worldwide. We are looking forward to carry our productivity and our high quality- and safety-goals on to the future. Our array of products around the Antares-Series does meanwhile stand on a broad base. In addition to working on our products we are a part of a powerful research & development network: Much attention has been given to our Antares H2, which is a good example of how to synergize development and research ideas and take advantage of both. Its successor, Antares E2, on which we are still intensively working, already today provides an even better example of how to use synergy effects.  A group of top-class international industrial partners has therefore teamed up and is jointly advancing a number of thrilling projects.
Dipl. Ing. Axel Lange - CEO of Lange Aviation GmbH