25 years of competence in electric flight

A quarter of a century of Antares and engineer and company founder Axel Lange's firm belief in the future of electric flight: the world has moved on and now, more than ever, relies on emissions avoidance and electric performance in the air as well. Where does our group of companies stand? With all our knowledge, a lot of enthusiasm and a great idea, Lange Aviation started as an electric flight pioneer in 1996. The Antares 20E was launched in 2003 as the world's first production aircraft with electric propulsion and was certified by EASA in 2006. Our electric propulsion system is the first EASA-approved technology of its kind (TCDS EASA.E.015).

As a high-performance glider with future potential, the new Antares 21E sets new standards in every respect, while the Antares 23E defines a new generation of the Open Class.

Numerous former skeptics are now working on their own concepts and solutions, because electric flying means the future for them, too. We very much welcome this change in trend, and we are open to new impulses. Our Antares and the electric propulsion systems from Lange Aviation have been able to prove their qualities and suitability for everyday use time and again since the beginning of the 2000s - many satisfied customers report on this.

At home in Germany, active around the globe: Lange Group employs around 30 people in the companies Lange Aviation (gliders, motorgliders) and Lange Research (fuel cell-powered UAVs) on around 2,000 square meters at Zweibrücken Airport.

The research and development work carried out in German has already received several awards. Receiving the Lindbergh Electric Aircaft Price (LEAP) from the renowned Lindbergh family was a milestone for us. The recognition with the prestigious Berblinger Award also deserves special mention.

In 2017, we won the OSTIV prize for the pioneering Antares 20E, of which our team is very proud. Innovation and perfection are the guiding aspects of our company.

Today, the Antares fleet has more than 150,000 flight hours and around 600,000 operating hours. About 90 Antares aircraft are in service worldwide. This means that our claim to provide forward-looking top performance at a sporting level with maximum reliability, flexibility and safety has more than proven itself globally. We are doing everything in our power to carry our quality and the sustainability of our systems into the future. Our product range around the Antares series now has a broad base. With Antares.RED.3, we presented a battery system for the first time in 2021 that enables a climb altitude of up to 5,600 meters and 380 km of electric range after a self-launch.

In parallel, we are also involved in research as Lange Research Aircraft together with a close-knit network: the much acclaimed Antares H2 is an example of a high degree of possible synergy between development and research - to their mutual benefit. This is even more the case with its successor, the Antares E2, which uses six hydrogen-powered electric motors above the wing to combine peak altitude, robustness, safety and range with climate-friendly and emission-free propulsion. To this end, a high-caliber group of international industry partners has come together to drive extremely exciting projects at Lange Research.

Become part of the Antares family at Lange Aviation - as an enthusiastic pilot, technology and integration partner or employee.

Dipl.-Ing. Axel Lange is the "father" behind the idea of electric flying with high performance sailplanes, which he has been making fly with his engineers, production specialists and compliance & certification experts since 1996.