The new one from Lange Aviation: Antares 21E for the premier league

Can an all-round good airplane like the Antares 20E be bested? Lange Aviation is going all out and is now launching the Antares 21E. When the perfect design obeys the laws of aerodynamics and can only be improved in nuances, inner values count. The engineers at Lange Aviation have consistently analyzed flights of the successful Antares 20E model and various OLC and competition flights of recent years and have applied the latest technologies. The result is the Antares 21E. Capable of high performance and clearly the top performer with future potential within our range of sailplanes:

The new Antares 21E, with its wingspan stretched to 21.5 meters, impresses with a slender, newly profiled outer wing with a swept-back leading edge. 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) more wingspan and changes to the cockpit design unifies the sailplane with the pilot. The aircraft now conveys even better what lift feels like. The swept-back outer wings increased lateral stability. This allows the Antares to be comfortably controlled with low control rudder forces while climbing well in thermals. The 21E presents itself with an improved minimum sink rate, a better glide in the range up to medium speeds and ultimately also increased best glide. It also gains in the high speed range thanks to a higher maximum wing loading.

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