Pilot videos: Klaus Ohlmann tours with Antares 20E

klaus ohlmann tourt mit antares20E

“Electric flight will change the world,” multiple soaring world champion Klaus Ohlmann tells us in two videos he posted online in July and March 2021. That’s how we see it at Lange Aviation, too, dear Klaus! Thank you for the videos. We have published them in our video gallery – just click here. More about […]

Malte Bernhardt: From hang-glider to the Antares 20E

Malte Berndhardt Vom Drachen Zur Antares 20E 1

On the trail of original flight Malte Bernhardt has been flying his dream airplane for a season now.. After a long run-up, he is now the owner of a new Antares 20E. What does the former hang glider pilot appreciate about the electric self-launcher? “I had my first contact with an Antares with the Antares […]

Simon Leutenegger: No wishes left unfulfilled!

simon leutenegger antares lange aviation

Swiss-born Simon Leutenegger (Winterthur) is a very experienced glider pilot. He was a member of the Swiss national gliding team for a good 12 years (1983-1995) and took 3rd place at the 1984 European Championships. He also flew in five World Gliding Championships and won the Swiss Championships twice (1991 and 1994). He has also […]

Ludwig Starkl: “This would not have been possible with any other aircraft!”

ludwig starkl namibia rent a glider

Over the course of more than 40 years, Ludwig Starkl, a trained aircraft manufacturer and businessman from Austria, has already spent more than 2,000 hours in the air. He was a long-time member of the Austrian national team and successfully participated in many international competitions. A few weeks ago in Namibia, as the new owner […]

Gerd Spielberg: Competitions and soaring safaris with the Antares 18T

gerd spiegelberg antares 18t

“April 24, 1968” comes like a pistol shot when Gerd Spiegelberg is asked about when he started flying. He was 17 when he first sat in a sailplane. Since then, the trained vehicle builder has spent around 7,600 hours in gliders, about ten percent of them in his Antares 18, with which he has been […]

Uli Schwenk: The world soaring ambassador – one of the first 1n the Antares 23E

uli schwenk lange aviation

A report from Ludwig Starkl, Antares fan from the very beginning: On Tuesday, February 7, a very audacious person arrived in Zweibrücken. Uli Schwenk, who is not completely unknown in the soaring scene, could not refuse my invitation to be one of the first to fly the new Antares 23E. Before his departure in Münsingen […]

Chrysanthi Funke: The Antares – an aircraft for connoisseurs!

chrysanthi funke antares lange aviation

For me, the Antares first and foremost means independence. I am a woman, 1.62 meters tall and, thanks to the well thought-out rigging aid, I can easily assemble the plane in 30 minutes without being a case for the physiotherapist afterwards. In the cockpit, it is possible to set a comfortable and relaxed seating position […]

Freddy Schaffner: Our beautiful Antares – serial number 19

freddy schaffner antares werknummer 19 lange aviation 4

Dear Mr. Lange, My partner Gregor and I have been the proud owners of our Antares with serial number 19 since October 2005. We have now flown almost 400 hours and it is time for me to give you, as the designer, and your team some feedback. I am delighted with the Antares and would […]