John Williams: Ways to spend an Easter Sunday

john williams ostersonntag mit antares 3

Scottish pilot John Williams set four British records flying upwind in waves over Scotland on April 8, 2007. John was kind enough to write a flight report for us on this extraordinary flight. I fell in love with the Antares when I first saw it, flew it, and started thinking about how its self-art capability […]

Justin Wills: Impressions of the Antares 18

justin wills Antares 18s lange aviation

I have owned my LS-6 for 21 years and love it like an old friend. Now that I have no further aspirations regarding World Championships I would not buy another 15 metre sailplane, as the performance of even the latest designs are so little better than the LS-6 that the cost and bother of change […]

John Williams: Antares Notes

John Williams Notes antares lange aviation 1

When I first went to look at an Antares it was more out of curiosity – I had heard that it had a big cockpit and I was close to physical and weight limits in my LS8. Seeing one in the flesh became “love at first sight” and three hours later that turned into “love […]

Klaus Merrem: 1000% improvement with serial number 8

klaus merrem 1000 prozent steigerung mit antares werknummer8

After about 1,600 hours with my beloved Kestrel, the absolute feel-good glider, there is now a 1000% improvement: my new Antares. My enthusiasm was ignited after the very first start. The harmonious and precise controls, the extreme maneuverability despite the 20m wingspan and the good-natured flight characteristics allow me to get out of the plane […]

Gregor Kunsemüller: Was that wise?

gregor kunsemuellerob das klug war antares lange aviation

Heading for Paris, my (very good) self-launching glider rolls out of the yard and the buyer will surely be just as happy and satisfied with the glider as I was. For anyone hoping that I have something bad to report, I can only say that it would be whining at the very highest level and […]

Peter Breme: A dream comes true – Flight report work number 7

peter breme antares werknum mer 7 d kkpb

On February 16, 2005, the time had finally come. My ANTARES could be picked up. Actually, everything should have happened much earlier, but which glider manufacturer has managed to start series production on time? And this is also a very complex, new system, which is unparalleled. A bit excited, full of anticipation, my dear wife […]

Sepp Holzapfel: Phenomenal feeling of flight – work number 6

sepp holzapfel antares segelflug kundenerfahrung

After a very long wait, I have now spent 160h in my Antares D-KSLH (Q), serial number 6, since the end of March, making 20 longer cross-country flights up to my first 1000. I made almost all the flights in the Alps, because for this purpose I chose the plane in the first place: maneuverable […]

Dieter Frühauf: Antares at the airfield Grosses Moor – work number 3

dieter frueauf antares grosses moor kundenerfahrung

At the end of my vacation, I could finally look forward to the long-awaited delivery of my Antares. When she rolled onto our airfield in the trailer on Friday, August 6, she was rigged in no time and rose for her first flight in her new home. Since then, in just 20 flights, I have […]

Gisela König: First experiences with the Antares 20E

gisela koenig antares 20E erfahrungen

Although I already knew from other pilots how smooth the rudders and how maneuverable the Antares should be, I was pleasantly surprised during my first flight: You have to have flown it first to believe this! I even had the feeling that despite the larger wingspan, everything went even easier than with my old LS6! […]