For me, the Antares first and foremost means independence. I am a woman, 1.62 meters tall and, thanks to the well thought-out rigging aid, I can easily assemble the plane in 30 minutes without being a case for the physiotherapist afterwards. In the cockpit, it is possible to set a comfortable and relaxed seating position for a range of body sizes – the Antares adapts to me, not the other way around.

The single-lever operation of the propulsion system is ingeniously stress-free and does not allow any operating errors. The Antares flies very stable in thermals and also responds very well to them. It is absolutely safe and soft to land. And last but not least, the Antares is absolutely reliable and therefore particularly family-friendly for me (as a mother of four children): I have the security of really being back home in the evening. It may sound banal, but: It is the all-round carefree package. It is pleasure, very much pleasure – pure pleasure.

Chrysanthi Funke has been flying her Antares 20E D-KAZT over 100 hours per year since 2006.