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Antares 18T The auto-tow launch mode gives the Antares 18T and Antares 23T new independence. Extensive testing for launch type approval was conducted in October 2015. With Antares 18T and Antares 23T, self-launches are almost possible. For reasons of safety, there is no approval. By contrast, by using an almost forgotten launch method, the autotow, […]

Combustion engine for Antares 18T and 23T

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Homebringer redefined Our drive system with internal combustion engine is trend-setting. In the process, we have systematically developed the familiar turbo concept, which is almost 30 years old, and completely revised the turbo drive. The second drive concept in addition to our very successful electric self-starter meets the following requirements: High climbing capacity, even at […]

2nd generation charger

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Development goals Several goals were pursued during the development. The charging system should be reliable, robust and very effective. In addition, the charging system should meet the highest safety standards, both in terms of the charging process itself and in terms of personal safety. Last but not least, repairs should be quick and easy by […]

Mobile data connection

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The Antares features a module for cellular data connectivity. Through this module, both the user and the manufacturer can access the electronic system of Antares. In addition, the aircraft can independently send messages to the user and the manufacturer. Communication via SMS messages Communication via SMS messages offers enormous advantages when initiating and monitoring charging […]

Software 7.0

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Increasing flight safety During flight, the software permanently monitors all limit switches, the hydraulic system and the electrical components of the drive system at an unprecedented depth. For this purpose, extensive logical queries and physical models are mapped in the software. This enables very fast error detection. Any errors that occur are immediately reported to […]

EDCS-4 main computer

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The 4th generation Electric Drive Control System (EDCS) is the central control and monitoring unit of the Antares. The system was developed specifically for the applications in the Antares and it processes all information from the electric propulsion, the battery system, the hydraulic system and the water ballast system. The functions can be divided into […]

Battery system

Antares.RED.3. Batteriemodul

RED.3 Battery system with cells of type 21700 The new battery system is equipped with automotive cells of the 21700 standard. A battery block is made up of 14 cells in the standard version and 18 cells in the version with increased capacity. In Antares aircraft, 36 of these battery blocks are arranged together in […]

Electric Drive

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The sophisticated electric drive system was specially developed for the Antares and it is the soul of the Lange concept. The EM42 electric motor The 42 kW EM42 brushless external rotor motor was the first electric motor to be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). With its very high, extremely efficient overall efficiency […]


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From the wind tunnel to the super-ellipse Almost incompatible: very good climb, excellent glide even at high speeds, optimum thermalling performance and overall very good-natured flying characteristics. The Antares made it possible to fulfill these wishes. The aerodynamic design is the result of a multi-year research project and was uncompromisingly designed as a unified whole. […]