Antares 23E film launch: shooting at Courchevel mountain airfield

Actually, it was all about Volkswagen’s Amarok SUV, but the secret star is the Antares 23E. The action tearjerker, now streaming on YouTube, highlights the V6’s muscle, stopping power and great performance. In order to bring this into the picture, the commercial filmmakers fell for the idea of realizing this best with car tows on the “most dangerous” airfield in the world, the high mountain airfield of Courchevel. As a pilot, only Klaus Ohlmann came into question, who gladly accepted the request for the stunts. Around 30 times the Amarok pilot, himself an experienced glider pilot, hurled him into the air on the 50-meter rope. Then the 40-strong film team had enough material in the can for the 90-second feature.

“The tows were first class,” Klaus Ohlmann later reported. Thanks to the reliability and simplicity of the engine’s operation, there were no scary situations for him even after takeoff. Engine power was there with a flick of the wrist. Klaus Ohlmann: “I then always landed with some engine power.” In order for the recordings to take place in Courchevel at all, Klaus Ohlmann had to convince a whole series of responsible authorities. The safe electric drive and the good gliding performance of the Antares played no small part in this. Klaus Ohlmann: “After the end of the film scene, I was able to extend the motor and put it into operation in a matter of seconds. After a 180-degree turn with the motor, I was able to land in Courchevel without any problems. That’s the kind of thing you can only do electrically.” He enjoyed the filming, which lasted a good week, and the incessant ups and downs. Klaus Ohlmann: “It was huge fun.”