“naturally!” SWR from 6.9.22 – “Environmental monitoring from the air with Lange Aviation”. Directly to the broadcast in the ARD Mediathek? Simply scan the QR CODE or click here: https://bit.ly/langetv1. Below you will find the video embedded.

In this report, which was broadcast on SWR in September 2022, our CEO Axel Lange explains why flying without harmful exhaust fumes and without noise is the future and how Lange Aviation realizes important environmental monitoring tasks from the air.

Issues such as illegal dumping or algae pollution on the high seas can thus be identified reliably and at an early stage. Talks have already been held with Canada about ice-free shipping routes – and AI-based polar bear counts. Forest fire detection is also one of the tasks that can be performed with the Antares E2. And all this – in contrast to satellites – with manned or unmanned Antares aircraft in much greater detail thanks to real-time transmission.

Keyword: “Very long flying, very safe flying”. Thanks to the hydrogen drive in the Antares and proven control and regulation technology, results are transmitted faster, of better quality and extremely much more favorably.

Have fun watching!