Car towing: training now official in Germany

We have already reported on our website about our experiments with the long-neglected takeoff method of car towing. The idea behind this was to be able to get into the air well, safely and legally even with motor gliders that are not self launching, such as our Antares 18T and 23T. The powerful drive of our Turbo and the equipment with throttle cable and starter as well as its simple operating concept make this possible. This type of takeoff will usually be of less importance in Germany because most airfields are well equipped with winches and tow planes. Internationally, however, there are many places where car towing can be an affordable alternative.

klaus ohlmann autoschlepp segelfliegen anteres lange aviation 2
Klaus Ohlmann during car towing training on Antares 18T in Reinsdorf, photo © M8

Together with the company Tost, the technology for vehicle towing was developed and tested. It can be used on any suitable car with little effort. Over the past few months, our testing partners, in cooperation with the training managers of the Gliding Commission, have developed a training methodology (pp. 45-48) and a supplementary chapter of the Gliding Operations Regulations (pp. 17-18). In addition, there is now a methodology for training tow vehicle drivers (Appendix 4), on whom the safe performance of vehicle towing depends significantly.

Cover photo: Vehicle tow hitch from TOST, photo © M8