Award: Antares 20E wins Berblingen Flight Competition 2011

This award not only honors our concept of a self-launching, high-performance glider certified according to the strict EASA certification conditions with its low-noise, ecological propulsion system, but also recognizes a pioneer of electric propulsion for gliders in the person of Axel Lange. Of 36 applicants from six countries for the competition, which focuses on innovative environmentally friendly and resource-saving design and propulsion systems, eight participants were ultimately able to successfully complete the flight task of a cross-country flight from Friedrichshafen to Ulm, including the Antares 20E, flown superbly by Stefan Senger. The participating aircraft were put through their paces over several days by an independent jury consisting of representatives from the aerospace industry, universities, research institutes and the city of Ulm in terms of innovation, environmental friendliness, flight performance and practicality. The prize of 100,000 euros was ultimately divided among three participants with very different technical characteristics. “All participants have proven how much of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger’s pioneering spirit is in them,” praised Ulm’s mayor Ivo Gönner at the award ceremony. “We’ve seen a variety of innovative designs, impressive solutions for new engines that are sure to shape the future of commercial aviation.” We are very happy about this award, which gives us even more incentive for top performance in the development of gliding.