Flight Testing Auto-tow Antares 23

We have continued to test auto-towing the Antares 23 in Reinsdorf near Berlin.

Auto-towing an Antares 18T

Auto-towing can help Antares 18T and Antares 23T to reach a new independence. Now the first extensive tests were carried out to finally approve this launching technique. read more

Deutsche Welle | MADE IN GERMANY | Lange Aviation

In its TV show 'Made in Germany' Deutsche Welle reports about Lange Aviation. In addition to offering an interesting insight into our fabrication they illustrate some other fields of activity in the company.
The show is broadcasted worldwide in 4 different languages. Video in German Video en Español Video in Arabic

Ride on the once-in-a-hundred-years Wave...

... this has been the header of a newspaper article. On February 5th of 2011 the lee wave over the Palatine Forest produced the highest altitudes that glider pilots could reach so far. On that day, our employee Jochen Polsz was able to get to a maximum altitude of over 7,000 meters in his Antares 20E. In the video he shares impressions of an exciting day.

Ultimate load test fore the wing of the Antares 20E

The ultimate load test had to be executed for the approval of Antares 20E.
It was carried out with a component temperature of 54°C at the DLR's institute for structure and design in Stuttgart.

Launching the Antares 18T

Low Pass Antares 18T

On Friday November 30, 2012 the weather gods finally allowed us to execute the maiden flight with our Antares 18T and its newly designed sustainer engine. Thanks to its great motorization, the glider was able to self-launch. After about 200 meters, Axel Lange was already airborne and was then able to smoothly climb up to the cloud base at 1,800 m NN. The average climb rate from field elevation (340 m NN) up to 1,800 m NN was exactly 2,0 m/s.

First Test Run of Sustainer Engine

On August 16 of 2012, the new sustainer engine for our Antares 18T and Antares 23T was first put into operation. As hoped for, the engine showed an extraordinary low vibration level even under full load.

Fly Engadine

Hugo Sax, pilot of Antares 20E serial No. 1, has posted a short action film-style video in the web.

Electric self-launch at Montricher airfield

Aerial Display with Antares 20E

Karl Osen, pilot of Antares 20E serial No. 56E47, has published a couple of nice soaring videos. Some great impressions of his flights in Switzerland.

Antares 20E presentation video 1/3

Video Antares 20E presentation video 3/3

Antares 20E presentation video 2/3

Antares 20E at the ILA in Berlin 2006

Some good old commercials showing the Antares 20E

Test flight Antares 20e Serial No. 8

Test flight Antares 20e Serial No. 20

Spin test flight with Antares 18S

Antares wave soaring in Patagonia