Research aircraft

Modern sailplanes like our Antares are characterized by their outstanding performance. Sophisticated aerodynamics allow for low power propulsion systems. Consequently they are well suitable as scientific test platforms for many explorations and applications which may also help to further advance big airliners. Together with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Lange Aviation GmbH has designed the fuel-cell experimental Antares H2, which had celebrated its successful maiden flight in April 2009. For the first time in history, a manned aircraft had accomplished a complete cycle from take-off till landing exclusively powered by a fuel-cell power plant. Motivated by these achievements we then founded Lange Research Aircraft GmbH. The next step in evolution will be our Antares H3. The project was launched in August 2010. It reveals a giant step forward, while at the same time it will prove the practical benefit of our innovative propulsion system. As seen before on the Antares H2, the new research aircraft is mostly based on components taken from our Antares-series. While the antecessor could carry only one fuel-cell unit and one fuel-cell tank in two aerodynamically shaped containers under its wings, the Antares H3 is equipped with two advanced fuel-cell systems. This will enlarge the aircraft’s range from 500 to about 5,400 km. The flying time raises up to 40 hours. The aircraft’s structure with an enlarged wingspan of 23 meters was configured to a maximum take-off weight of 1,650 kg. As a result it can carry a payload of 200 kg. We have thus set new benchmarks. The Antares H3 is the perfect basic platform for a number of manned and unmanned civil missions in visual and sensory earth observation and for remote sensing. Synergies are obvious: At Lange Aviation, development for research and research for evolution work hand in hand. To their two-way advantage! Please have a look here to get further information: Lange Research Aircraft GmbH.
Lange Aviation Antares H2
Lange Research Aircraft Antares H3


The Antares H3 project is promoted by the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

Lange Research Aircraft GmbH is participating in the European research project eDAS.

Lange Research Aircraft GmbH is participating in the European research project 3CCar.