Antares E2 Introduction in Friedrichshafen

During this year’s AERO in Friedrichshafen, a mock-up of the Antares E2 was displayed publicly for the first time by our sister company, Lange Research Aircraft GmbH. The Antares E2 is an aircraft with an extreme endurance and very high reliability, which has been designed primarily to address maritime monitoring tasks such as fishery control. In order to fulfill the design goals, a novel propulsive system using six fuel-cell systems and six over-wing propulsors has been developed. Within the framework of the Aero 2918, the E-Flight-Expo showcased the latest developments in electric aviation. As a part of the air-show, Jochen Polsz, -a staff member at Lange Aviation, demonstrated the flight-performance of the Antares 20E. In the following podium discussion, important aspects of the development of the Antares E2 were addressed: Sustainable electric flight, unmanned aerial vehicles, novel propulsive concept and modes of mobility. A recording of the discussion can be found under the following link (YouTube).   Altogether, the concept of the Antares E2 received an overwhelming positive resonance, not only among the professional audience, but also from the wider public. Further information about the Antares E2 can be found on the homepage of Lange Research Aircraft GmbH.