Antares.RED.3 Eric Langner lends his voice to Antares

Traumschiff, Unter uns, Rote Rosen, Insel des Lichts, Notruf Hafenkante, Rosenheim Cops…
In Germany he is well known from TV and from advertising for Deutsche Bahn and BMW, among others: Germany's series star, character actor and narrative voice Eric Langner gives Lange Aviation his thoughts on Antares.RED.3 in a short video spot.

The new battery system from Lange Aviation uses battery cells from the automotive industry. It increases the climb altitude and range of electric aircraft, in the case of the Antares 21E by up to 60%. This means climb altitudes of up to 5,600 meters and a range of up to 380 km - without engine noise and with the highest possible safety.

Antares.RED.3 will be delivered in the Antares 21E glider from the end of 2021.

"For me, gliding is the fascination of flying. My father already loved gliding and flew actively until he was 75 years old. The Antares is the ultimate aircraft for anyone who wants to discover electric flight." - Eric Langner