12V power supply in cockpit In order to supply external devices in the cockpit, a 12V power supply via an XLR-3 socket can be provided.
Trim weights Since the trim weights are mounted very far forward in the aircraft, the large lever arm permits the desired center of gravity settings to be achieved with comparatively little additional mass. The weights are either permanently installed or removable.
Green tinted canopy The green tinted canopy lends your Antares an elegant look.
Alcantara interior When it comes to exclusive interiors, Alcantara combines aesthetics with performance. The feel of the premium grade material is reminiscent of suede leather, yet it is hard-wearing and is characterized by antistatic, allergy-neutral and easy-to-clean properties. The wide range of colors offers great scope for design.
Instrument console paintwork The NEXTEL® paintwork of the instrument console creates a high-quality satin finish with a warm and textile haptic. A wide range of colors is available.
Custom stick position During the manufacturing process, the desired position can be adapted to your requirements in order to create more space in the cockpit and to make it easier to reach the control stick.
Backrest with headrest When using the backrest, the headrest is attached to the backrest.
Separate headrest For very tall pilots who do not need the backrest, a separate headrest is available.
Wider seat pan For pilots outside the size average, the seat pan can be made 13 mm wider.
Instrument in right-hand side console An additional 57mm instrument can be accommodated in the right-hand side console behind the Klixon circuit breakers.
Gooseneck mount The mount for a gooseneck can be fitted to the right-hand canopy rim.
Second side pocket on the left-hand side A second side pocket on the left side of the cockpit offers additional storage space and keeps things tidy.
Urine release point The urine release point is located behind the landing gear. Individual solutions for the connection in the cockpit can be implemented.
Transponder antenna in vertical stabilizer In order not to disturb the aerodynamics, the transponder antenna can be installed inside the vertical stabilizer.
PU Finish To ensure a permanently elegant white with exceptional crack resistance even at very low temperatures, we offer a polyurethane (PU) finish.
Special paint job We offer special paint jobs according to your designs.
Transponder preparation A transponder antenna in the fin and a circuit breaker are installed in order to be able to fit a transponder.