HAWK -3d wind calculation HAWK 3d is a software extension for the LX9000 and LX8000 series as well as for the variometers S10 and S100. It allows real-time wind display in all three directions and a vario display that does not require compensation.
PowerFLARM Compared to Classic FLARM, the Power FLARM option offers a range of 10 km instead of 3 km and monitors ADS-B and transponder signals if appropriate antennas are available. Susceptibility to interference from other electronics in the cockpit has been improved, and carbon fiber shielding is bypassed by two separate antennas. In addition, the Power FLARM warns of obstacles. The obstacle database must be purchased separately.
LX Flap Sensor The flap sensor gives the position of the flaps to the LX90xx navigation system. The nominal position is calculated and output from polar curve, flap parameters, wing loading and applied G-forces.
MOP A corresponding sensor can be installed to record motor running times. The option is available for LX9000 and S10.