antares 18T
Antares 18T
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Antares 23T

Antares 18T and 23T - our models with combustion engine

The 30 hp of the proven Solo 2350C engine and a specially adapted large propeller with a diameter of 1.36 meters ensure good climbing performance even at higher altitudes and temperatures. The uncomplicated engine operation makes flying stress-free. Perfect reliability is provided by the optional starter motor. Only 55 kilograms of additional weight for the engine. The fuel tank holds 16 liters – good for a whole hour at full load.

Without water ballast, the Antares 23T has a wing loading of only 34 kilograms per square meter. The three-stage water tank system of the Antares 18T, each with separate surface and trim tanks, allows surface loads of up to 60.2 kg/m². Even fully loaded, narrow and turbulent thermals can be flown out perfectly.

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