On our homepage we have already reported about testing the long time neglected auto-tow. The idea was to conveniently, safely and legally get our non self-launching sustainer models Antares 18T and 23T airborne. Thanks to the strong driving force of their turbo-engines, a supplementary throttle cable and a starter, and not to forget our extremely convenient handling concept, auto-towing is well feasible. In Germany, this launch method will probably not be of a huge significance, because most airfields provide a winch, and many of them even own a tow plane. But if you look globally you will find a number of airfields, on which an auto-tow may be a convenient alternative. The technique was developed and tested together with the Tost Company. It does not need much effort to apply the necessary device on any suitable car. During the past few months, our testing partners together with the German Gliding Commission's chief instructors have developed a new chapter in their training curriculum Ausbildungsmethodik (S. 45-48). A new section was also added to the German gliding rules Segelflugbetriebsordung (S. 17-18). In addition to that, a new training manual is available for tow personnel Schleppfahrzeugfahrer (Anhang 4). The drivers will play a key role in safe auto-towing.

Fahrzeugschleppkupplung von TOST, Foto © M8

Klaus Ohlmann bei der Autoschlepp-Ausbildung auf Antares 18T in Reinsdorf, Foto © M8