Antares 20E / 21.5 New outer wing panels: More range, more performance, better resale value

Topping the peak performance of the Antares 20E with new outer wing panels? Yes, that's possible, say experienced pilots after test flights in Zweibrücken. The upgrade gives the Antares 20E / 21.5 +1.5 meters / 4.92 ft. wingspan compared to the 20E and thus achieves new top values ​​that are on par with the Antares 21E. The total wingspan of 21.5 meters / 70.54 ft. also increases the resale value of the electric motor glider.
The extension of the wings increases from 32 to 35.8 due to the replacement at Lange Aviation - the performance increases accordingly:
• A plus in the high speed range thanks to the possible higher wing loading
• 10% less minimal self-sinking
 • can still climb well in very weak thermals
 • better gliding up to medium speeds
 • increased best gliding
 • better cranking performance
 • aerodynamic optimization of the winglets with turbulators better support slow flight in unfavorable flow conditions
The curb weight of the Antares 20E increases by only 5 kg when the wing tips are replaced. There is no deterioration in the minimum wing loading and the ballast tank in the inner wings retains its full functionality.
Lange Aviation has a limited number of wing tip conversion kits in stock. The retrofitting can usually take place within three working weeks.

Die 20E/21.5 bei ihrem Erstflug mit neuen Aussentragflächen und 21,5 Meter Spannweite