Actually Volkswagens powerful SUV Amarok was supposed to be the movie’s main character, but then our Antares 23E turned out to be the secret star. The action thriller currently published in Youtube focuses on the V6 engine’s muscles, brake ability and its amazing road qualities. To visualize these characteristics the movie makers had developed an idea that it would be best to demonstrate an auto-tow on the planet’s “most dangerous” airfield, the high altitude airport in Courchevel. The only pilot to perform in such a spectacular act would be Klaus Ohlmann, who eagerly embraced the offer. The Amarok-pilot, also an experienced glider pilot, catapulted him about 30 times on a 50 meter rope up into the air. Not before that had the film crew, consisting of some 40 people, collected enough material to put together a 90-second commercial. “The tows were a ripsnorter”, reported Klaus Ohlmann later. Thanks to the reliable and easy engine handling, he had never experienced any scary situation after take off. Just one hand-movement and the motor would start. Klaus Ohlmann: “I always maintained a small amount of power at touchdown.“ Before being allowed to do the shooting in Courchevel, Klaus Ohlmann had to contact and convince a number of authorities. For this purpose the Antares’ safe electric propulsion system and its great climbing performance served as important arguments. Klaus Ohlmann: „After a scene, deploying and starting the motor was a matter of only seconds. A 180 degree turn under power, and I always landed back in Courchevel without any difficulty. A mission that you can only perform with an electric drive.” He really enjoyed his fine week of shots: „It's simply been big fun.”

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