The podium at one of the best visited events of this year’s AERO was filled with a number of top-class electric flight experts:

Dr. Reiner Stemme, Reiner Stemme Utility Air Systems, initiator of the ELFIN-project

Dr. Frank Anton, Head Siemens eAircraft

Axel Lange, Lange Aviation

André Borschberg, pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse

Editor-in-Chief Lars Reinhold and AEROKURIER-editor Thomas Schüttoff led the discussion forum and guided spectators through a tremendously exciting topic. Anywhere at the exhibition you could feel an atmosphere of change. It looks like those successful electric flight projects have boosted the sector during the past few months.

But many questions which make people sway between vision and reality remain: How practical are today’s electric propulsion units? Into which direction will the storage density of electric energy be developing? What drives a man like André Borschberg to fly emission-free and with a gigantic effort around the World? When will we see electric driven passenger traffic or air-taxi drones in our cities?

Axel Lange could not only come up with his profound knowledge about electrical drives. With more than 90 aircraft delivered since 2004 his company - Lange Aviation - currently is the most experienced serial producer of certified electric power units. That is more than summing up all other existing electric powered aircraft worldwide. Lange's fleet may meanwhile add up an experience of almost 100,000 flying hours.

Photo © M8 Priska Wollein

Photo © AEROKURIER Philipp Prinzing

Photo © M8 Priska Wollein