An innovative idea is a good thing to start with – the challenging part is to realize it in an economical way. You will need modern equipment and technologies. But, above all, you need dedicated individuals. The basic manufacturing technology when fabricating a new glider is for the time being over 50 years old. Today we use lighter and stronger materials and what’s more we are working with sophisticated aerodynamics, which have smaller fabrication tolerances. The construction of a sailplane still is valuable hand work. The main requirement, which Lange Aviations employees are facing every day, is to achieve a constant quality – from the first layer in the negative mold until the finishing of a perfect surface. Of course, the built-in components hidden under an aircraft’s surface are not less important than its large structural components as fuselage, wings and tail unit. At Lange Aviation the vertical integration is relatively deep: Most parts of our Antares aircraft are manufactured in-house – precisely and in premier quality. Most of our welded parts are produced in a gas proof atmosphere and later cadmium-plated, similar to the production of large aircraft. This procedure guarantees a long-lasting corrosion protection. Our gliders’ extremely smooth and sensitive controls are the result of custom produced bearings, which do their tough job without needing any maintenance at all. Lange Aviation’s state of the art production equipment is lined up on an area of 1,800 square meters in a light-colored and friendly hangar.

Our most important principle for ultimate perfection is however an experienced and enthusiastic team which is day-to-day ready to work on a tough and demanding job – Your Antares.