23.12.2011: Maiden flight Antares 23E.

Antares 23E

A Christmas gift for the open class

At 15:21, Friday the 23rd of December, the Antares 23E flew for the very first time. With Axel Lange at the controls, a self launch was performed at the home airfield of Zweibrücken just in time for Christmas.

Antares 23E at take-off

Using the electric propulsion system, the open class sailplane was took to the air quietly and effectively. The Antares 23E has also inherited the very pleasant handling appreciated by Antares 20E owners all over the world. Axel Lange was especially impressed by the excellent maneuverability of the 23m-sailplane.


We also congratulate Schempp-Hirth with the simultaneous maiden flight of the Quintus-M , and close the year with the words of Axel Lange just after the maiden flight: "We will be having a lot of fun with this aircraft!"

Axel Lange in Antares 23E