28.05.2014: 1st Lange Aviation Newsletter for 2014

Newsletter 2014 Lange Aviation

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30.11.2012: Antares 18T -Maiden flight with self-sustainer

Antzares 18T

At Friday 30.11.2012, the weather let up sufficiently for us to take the Antares 18T with the new self sustainer engine installed up for it’s maiden flight.

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16.11.2012: 2012 World Gliding Championship

2012 World Gliding Championship

Peter Harvey flew the Antares 23T at the WGC 2012 in Uvalde/Texas. He has now written a highly readable article about his experiences.

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09.11.2012: Soaring calendar 2013

Soaring calendar 2013Swiss gliderpilot Fredy Schaffner has for the coming year made yet another wonderful picture-calendar. The pictures were created during the numerous flights that he made with his Antares 20E.

The print run is limited to 150 calendars.
The price is 35,- €, ex. mail and shipping.

Orders are accepted per e-mail. (Fredy Schaffner)

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09.10.2012: U.K. Mountain Soaring Competition 2012

Scottish waves

John Williams wins in his Antares 20E!

In the beginning of September, John Williams (Portmoak, Scotland) achieved 3 winning days and ended up on the podium 5 times. He won the competition with a 462 point lead to the second best competitor, and achieved this in only 6 scoring days. We congratulate John with this outstanding achievement!

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19.09.2012: First place in the Antares 18S

Gerd Spiegelberg

The Altmark-Cup was held in Stendal (Germany) from August 8 to August 18. This competition is a qualifying event for the 2013 German nationals.

Piloting his Antares 1SS superbly, Gerd Spiegelberg (LSC Bad Homburg) won the 18m class in this competition. The second participating Antares 18S was flown by Christoph Barniske (AC Stendal), achieving the 7th position in the total score.

Our heartfelt congratulations to both pilots for these achievements!

Picture: Altmark-Cup


18.09.2012: Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo, Rieti (Italy)


During the third competition day, Simon Leutenegger (Switzerland) achieved the winning score. Flying his Antares 20E (open class) he achieved 2nd position during three other competition days. His total score in this exciting competition (06.08. to 17.08.2012) was sufficient for a distinguished 4th position. We offer our heartfelt congratulations. With this achievement, Simon Leutenegger once more demonstrates the great potential of the 20m Antares in the open class.


17.09.2012: 5th Antares-gathering


This year's traditional Antares-gathering took place in Zweisimmen (Switzerland). Markus and Rudi Engeler planned and organized the event together with Peter Breme. 20 pilots with 18 Antares registered for the event that took place from July 2 to July 10. Regrettably, the weather only allowed for three wonderful and experience-rich days of flying.

The 2013 Antares-gathering is already being planned. This event is expected to take place in southern Germany. We wish all participants many great flights!

Picture: Peter Breme


16.08.2012: First test-run for self sustainer


The new self-sustainer for the Antares 18T and Antares 23T underwent it's first test-run today.

As hoped for, the propulsion system displayed extraordinarily low levels of vibration.

We have uploaded a short movie from the test run:


11.08.2012: Third win during 7th scoring day for Peter Harvey at open class WGC in Uvalde

Antares 23T, Bild: Laurent Aboulin

Flying an Assinged Area Task, Peter Harvey (UK) flew 553,7 km with an average speed of 161.0 km/h.

This appears to be the fastest average ever achieved in Uvalde during a national or international competition

Picture: Laurent Aboulin

WGC results at Soaring Spot


08.08.2012: Peter Harvey wins 2 out of 4 scoring days flown at open class WGC 2012

WGC 2012

Flying an Assinged Area Task, Peter Harvey (UK) flew 700,4 km with an average speed of 152.3 km/h. Josef Kammerhofer achieved position in the Dayranking (659 km with 142.1km/h). In the total score, the pilots are now at 6th. (Harvey) and 20th. (Kammerhofer) position.

We wish all competitors a good and accident free competition.

WGC results at Soaring Spot


06.08.2012: We congratulate Peter Harvey with winning the day at open class WGC 2012

WGC 2012

The second open-class competition day at Uvalde was won by Peter Harvey (UK) flying an Antares 23T. Josef Kammerhofer, flying an Antares 23E achieved a 13th place. In the total score, the pilots are now at 10th. (Harvey) and 18th. (Kammerhofer) position.

WGC results at Soaring Spot